SO-RI print studio

At SO-RI we’d love to help you with all your risographic printing needs.

You can find all pricing and booking information for our print services on this page.

Print together

Let’s print together! It’s exactly what it sounds like. You’re invited to come and print with me. I guide you through the process of making a RISO print and we discuss what paper to print on.

This means it isn’t just a service where you drop off your files, and pick up your prints (although we can do that if you prefer so). But instead you’re involved all the way through the printing process, which means you know what happens when printing, and can see the full print process.

Drop off your files, pick up your prints

While we prefer to print stuff together, it’s of course also possible to just send me your files, and pick up your prints later.

We’ll just ask you to print together with us, when it’s your first time RISO printing with SO-RI.

The pricing is the same as printing together.

Print pricing

This is just informative. A more direct and clear price can be calculated by using the two price calculators down below on this website.

€30,00 - start-up cost (once per printing session or once per zine project)

€7,50 - per master
€0,04 - per copy

Paper pricing

This is just informative. The price of paper is already included in the price calculators. Please note that you can always bring your own paper.

€0,00/sheet - your own paper

€0,10/sheet - steinbeis n.1 - 80g
€0,10/sheet - steinbeis n.3 - 80g

€0,15/sheet - biotop, off white - 80g
€0,25/sheet - biotop, off white - 100g
€0,20/sheet - biotop, off white - 120g
€0,25/sheet -biotop, off white - 160g
€0,40/sheet - biotop, off white - 250g


Students get a flat 15% discount on all printing services, after showing their student ID.

If you’re on a strict budget, or are a non-profit organization, or have any other valid reason to ask for a discount, the pricing can be negotiated.

I love supporting social, and ecological causes with my print work, so don’t hesitate to ask.

A3 print calculator

when printing together

 colours recto
 colours verso
- paper type2

€30*+ €8.30

Zine calculator

when printing together

colours cover
colours inside
page size4
- inside paper type2
- cover paper type2

€30* + €41.50

Pricing info

*The €30 start-up fee is a cost you pay once per printing session (whether you print one A3 design or one hundred, you only pay the €30 once per printing session), or once per zine in the case of printing a zine.

1The minimal amount of copies is 20. You can print less, but you will always pay for at least 20 copies. This is because making the Master, making sure the ink spreads well, etc. takes time, ink and paper. The RISO is made for multiples, keep this in mind.

2Bringing your own paper is free, it saves me the hassle of stocking paper, buying paper, choosing paper, etc. And you get your own choice of paper. Please make sure that the paper is uncoated and heavier than 70gsm, but lighter than 230gsm and isn’t prone to losing fibers, isn’t too smooth, nor too textured. Printing on your own paper is always at your own risk.

3The number of pages should be a multiple of 4, if you’re printing A4, a multiple of 8 if you’re printing A5 or a multiple of 16 if you’re printing A6. The number of pages doesn’t include the cover.
It’s impossible to print a regular zine that isn’t a multiple of 4 pages, use the numbers above to optimize your usage of the A3 sized paper.

4The page size refers to the size of a single page. It doesn’t refer to the spread size or the plate size. Please keep in mind that the RISO doesn’t print up to the border, so a full A4 sized zine won’t work. Give your pages a bit off space on the sides.
If your page size is smaller than A4, but larger than A5, always go for the bigger size in the calculator.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment with me for printing, using the tool on the left. Or send me a message to see what’s possible.

Usually I am available on:
  • Monday from 10AM to 12PM,
  • Wednesday from 10AM to 6PM,
  • Thursday from 3PM to 6PM,
  • Friday from 10AM to 5PM.

We are not printing during (Belgian) school holidays. 

Are you printing a zine or a publication?
I would love to book a full day with you, so we can print it together. Send me a message to make an appointment.

Doubting about how much time you need to book in the Bookings tool?
  • 30 minutes is perfect for getting some information, and a small talk.
  • 1hr is perfect if you already have some experience with RISO printing and you have a rather small print assignment.
  • 2hrs is perfect for a larger print assignment if you have some experience with RISO printing, or a small print assignment if you don’t have any experience with RISO printing.

If you’d like to print on any other date or time, feel free to send me a message or mail me at and we’ll see what we can do.

We can even go for an evening print session or a weekend print session, if that’s your only option.

Which paper can you use?

You can always bring your own paper stocks to me and check if it prints. There’s no guarantee that it will work and bringing your own paper is always at your own risk.

Most papers work that are:
  • uncoated
  • not too textured and not too smooth
  • preferably between 90gsm and 200gsm, sometimes you can be lucky between 60gsm and 240gsm

Papers in our stock

While we are always open for suggestions we try to stock several types of paper. Not all paper types on our website are always in stock, feel free to ask us about what we have in stock right now.

You may find scans of some of our papers down below. [coming soon]

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