RISO print studio &
RISO publishing studio


RISO print studio &
RISO publishing studio

SO-RI/Marnicq Roebben
Generaal Drubbelstraat 100/3,
2600 Berchem, Antwerpen
0032 475 46 57 95

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SO-RI is a one man operation, run by me [Marnicq Roebben] from my apartment in Berchem, Antwerp.
Black (#000000)
Purple (#765ba7)
Blue (#0078bf)
Green (#00a95c)
Yellow (#ffe800)
Fluorescent Orange (#ff7477)
Bright Red (#f15060)
Fluorescent Pink (#ff48b0)

what is RISO?


RISO is a Japanese brand of duplicators and printers. When people talk about risographs, they usually refer to the duplicator series of printers. They are quick, easy and cheap to print from and perfect for mass printing.


The ink in the RISO machine is made from the byproducts of rice farming. The machine itself doesn’t have a heating element, which makes it extremely energy efficient.

Both of these aspects make the RISO technique a rather eco-friendly option for your print work.


Because of the stencil-based nature of the RISO printing process, it is well suited to print multiples of the same print.

The cost of the Master sheets would not really make sense to print a single copy of anything.

SO-RI suggests printing posters, flyers, zines and artist editions for the RISO technique to be an affordable and charming way to present your work or advertise your company, organisation or event.


RISO printing is known for its lo-fi charm, so be sure to expect a lot of small and large imperfections. Registration marks will not consistently line up. Smudge marks from handling the paper quite often appear. Roller marks from the machine and ink residue from other inked paper might be visible. Most smudges and ink spots can simply be rubbed away with a rubber gum, just make sure not to rub over any inked areas. Try to avoid large inked areas in your design to avoid a lot of smudges.

If you’re not willing to deal with imperfections and misalignments, RISO printing might not be the thing for you.