RISO print studio &
RISO publishing studio


RISO print studio &
RISO publishing studio

SO-RI/Marnicq Roebben
Generaal Drubbelstraat 100/3,
2600 Berchem, Antwerpen
0032 475 46 57 95

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SO-RI is a one man operation, run by me [Marnicq Roebben] from my apartment in Berchem, Antwerp.
Black (#000000)
Purple (#765ba7)
Blue (#0078bf)
Green (#00a95c)
Yellow (#ffe800)
Fluorescent Orange (#ff7477)
Bright Red (#f15060)
Fluorescent Pink (#ff48b0)

paper stock

which paper can you use?

You can always bring your own paper stocks to me and check if it prints. There’s no guarantee that it will work and bringing your own paper is always at your own risk.

Most papers work that are:
- uncoated
- not too textured and not too smooth
- preferably between 90gsm and 200gsm, sometimes you can be lucky between 70gsm and 230gsm

papers in our stock

While we are always open for suggestions we try to stock several types of paper. We can also always order any paper from the MetaPaper catalogue.

You may find scans of some of our papers down below. [still under construction]